Ways to Strengthen Relationship with Your Partner

Doing and seeing the same thing all day and night could make it less appealing. Likewise, when the novelty of being newly-weds wear off, you may find yourself less attracted to your partner or even happy with the relationship. Well, do not wait for the fire to die down. Instead, find ways to keep it burning and intensify it further.

One thing you can do is break out of the routine. Just like food, variety and spice can make life less predictable or ordinary. That is why you should leave room for surprises and then make an effort to do something completely unexpected, but adorable.

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Another would be to learn how to compromise. Arguments are normal in a relationship. That does not mean though that you have to be right all the time or that you allow your partner to dominate. It is imperative that both of you find a middle ground to avoid ugly confrontations that can lead to irreconcilable differences.

Also, you must keep respect on top of everything. That is because it provides the fundamentals for love and acceptance. The best way you can achieve this is to allow one another to grow, understand differences, and then provide encouragement.

    Most importantly, you must keep the spark alive. Aside from going on a date once in a while, you should opt for a renewal of vows or a commitment ceremony to remind you of the love that you have shared and celebrated for the past year or so. In line with this, it is important that you choose a celebrant that can help rekindle the passion and affection. 

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