Pointers for Picking a Theme for Your Wedding

From the engagement to the honeymoon, organising your nuptial can be both fun and challenging. Come to think of it, getting married is a huge step to take and often involves making the right decisions. So, when it comes to the theme, how do you pick the right one?

• Base your pick on the season. Autumn, for example, lends a colourful palette to your surroundings. If you decide on using it as a wedding concept, then your invitation, décor, and favours should bear the shades that make the season quite fabulous. Or if not, you can do the exact opposite of the time for a more unique idea. For instance, you can do a winter-inspired nuptial during summer.

• Think of a location that is significant to you and your partner. If he proposed in Paris, then you can incorporate the look and feel of the romantic city to your motif. Or, you can search for an area that resembles the place for a more realistic appeal.

• Consider your interests or hobbies. A sports-themed marriage, for one, would be perfect if you both have athletic inclinations. What is great about it is that you would have a wide range of options for the reception venue, especially if there are several local gyms or field in your area.

    Of course, the final choice has to be a mutual decision. Once you have picked the right concept, then you should select the right marriage celebrant through this website.  

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