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The birth of a child is one of the most exhilarating experiences a couple will ever have.

A Naming Day is a popular way of celebrating the excitement and beauty of the birth of their child.

Bringing together family and friends with no pressure, just pure celebration and a formal introduction of their child to the most important people that will surround her/him in their lives.

This unique celebration has been in existence for centuries. Please be aware that a Naming Ceremony does not carry any Legal Status.

At the end of the ceremony, the parents will be presented with a beautiful Certificate as an official document to remember the occasion.


Couples who achieve noticeable milestones in their marriages and who wish to reaffirm their commitment and devotion to one another can do so by renewing their vows.

Letting your partner and your family and friends understand that this original commitment is still as sincere and meaningful as the first time around.

This private ceremony is an open display to all those that surround them of their undeniable beliefs in the true spirit of a Marriage.

This is truly one of the most moving occasions a couple can undertake to experience.


I believe that people who experience the deep affection and devotion to another in one’s life-time no matter what their gender deserve the right to publicly announce and take the next step in their journey together.

Even though these events are not legally binding, they are an outwardly public dedication to one another.

By taking the next step and celebrating your continued commitment to your partner in front of family and friends, whether it be a quiet intimate ceremony or a loud and flamboyant celebration, the Commitment Celebration is a bold and real experience only limited by your imagination!


It is said we should celebrate one’s life rather than mourn one’s passing away.

My aim is always to comfort the families and friends who are left behind whilst giving them a service to remember with great fondness the person who has left this world.

Involving all those who wish to speak at the service and allowing closure to all those who come to reflect.

These ceremonies are always deeply emotional and yet enlightening as we celebrate our loved ones life.

“A happy marriage is a long conversation that always seems too short.”
André’ Maurious
Sydney Marriage Celebrant


Your support, guidance and never ending energy was amazing, thank you for being a part of our special wedding day.
Love, Lou and Andrew

As our Sydney marriage celebrant you made our day so special and we will remember it forever because of you. Thank you, thank you!
Love Chris and Belinda

Our wedding was fabulous because of you!
Belinda and Rob

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